Ayurvedic Approach to Prameha/Diabetes

Ayurvedic texts have described specific line of approach for patients of prameha or diabetes. Interestingly for a patient of prameha or diabetes line of approach in treating it, is different in obese and lean patients.Treatment for promoting body weight is  given to lean patients while evacuation  treatment is given to patients who are  obese  and have plenty of doshas  and strength. Unction in moderate degree is indicated in prameha or diabetes i.e neither excess nor deficient quantity of ghee or oil should be used. After unction , vomiting as a part of treatment is induced in a specific way and there after morbidity in it is cleared through upward way ,another therapeutic method of virechna in which loose motions are induced in a specific way is performed .  After proper therapy when morbidity of doshas is eliminated in prameha or diabetes , patients are given food which saturate them . Patients of prameha or diabetes after this therapy are given a food which which promotes the  body.

Care diabetes this way

Those patients of prameha or diabetes who are not fit for therapy of elimination of morbidity of dosha are treated with pacifactory measures like use of churned drink. Linctus made from barley powder light edibles are useful in prameha or diabetes. Food articles which are devoid of oils or ghee and are rough in nature like barley, flour of parched grains, meat soup of wild birds,  old shali variety of rise with moong  lentil soup. Bitter taste food articles like methi, karela, neem etc.  Barley has been described as the best diet for a patient of prameha or diabetes . Barley grain dipped in decoction of  harad i.e Terminalia chebula, bahera and amla i.e Emblica officinalis  is useful in prameha or diabetes. 

Among various drugs or herbs indicated in prameha or diabetes Turmeric or haridra  works as best . Amla i.e Emblica officinalis  too plays good role in prameha or diabetes. Physical exercise is a tool that does not involve any financial obligation but gives good result. Similarly regular bath also plays an important role in prameha  or diabetes.  Drugs like Shilajit enhances immunity in patients of prameha or diabetes. Leaves of bilva or bael or Aegle marmelos are also used in prameha or diabetes. Besides neem , tuvrak or chalmogra oil is also useful in prameha or diabetes.  Use of grams,  brassica or sarso oil, is indicated in prameha or diabetes. Use of excess water is contradicted in prameha or diabetes.  Bleedinf of any type should be checked immideatley  in patients of prameha or diabetes. Avoiding day sleeping and physical comforts is a part of treament of prameha or diabetes.

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