Diabetes and Astrology

photo by Nipun Gak
photo by Nipun Gakkhar

Diabetes is a disease which even if pacified finds its occurrence again and again say texts of Ayurveda. Though being inactive and have more food is the reason behind the occurrence of disease. In fact some combinations in the horoscope develop this type of tendency in the native which prepares a platform for making him the victim of Diabetes .

Combinations that are responsible for Diabetes

Though there are various combinations for diabetes some of the possible are as follows

  1. Jupiter in 6th, 8th or 12 house or in its low sign i.e. Jupiter in Capricorn makes the native to suffer from diabetes
  2. Jupiter in combustion by Rahu makes the person to suffer from diabetes.
  3. Lord of 5th house in combination with the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house reflects that the native will suffer from diabetes.
  4. Venus in 6th house with aspect of Jupiter from 12th house makes the person to suffer from diabetes.
  5. Venus in 8th house and with aspect of a malefic planet causes diabetes. .
  6.  Jupiter conjunct or associated with Saturn and Rahu makes possibility of native to have diabetes.
  7. The planet that afflicts Jupiter if related to fifth, ninth or its lord or moon the native will develop unconsciousness after diabetes.
  8. Planet if afflicting Jupiter is related to 7th house or mercury, Saturn or Venus the person will suffer from impotency after diabetes.
  9. If that planet is related to moon, fourth lord or fourth house the person will have develop tuberculosis after diabetes.
  10. Moon in sixth house, Saturn in 8th house and malefic planets in 12th houses causes diabetes.
  11. If the ascendant is Sagittarius or moon and Venus are in Taurus the person will suffer from diabetes.
  12. Saturn with debilitated moon in 12th house causes diabetes.
  13. Moon in Virgo, Capricorns or scorpion related to ascendant or sixth house causes diabetes.
  14. Three or more planets in sixth house or in ascendant cause diabetes.
  15. Moon in watery sign and aspect of mercury in sixth house on its lord cause diabetes.
  16.  Saturn in 2nd house from sun and moon in 10th house and and mars in 7th house is indicative of causing diabetes.
  17. Moon in sixth house and ketu in fifth hose from ascendant causes diabetes.
  18. Jupiter in poorvashdha nakshtra related to first or sixth house.

For diabetes affliction to fifth house, mercury, Virgo, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus should be observed. Saturn and mars in sixth house and Rahu with sun causes chronic disease and diabetes is a disease that continues lifelong.


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