Benefits and Uses of Ghee

Ghee is best among the four types of substances that unction the body. In Ayurveda use of word  ghee means ghee of cow only. Ghee or ghrita as is generally known greatly augments memory, intelligence, and digestive power. Ghee improves semen and  ojas which is the essence of the body. Ghee/ghrita pacifies morbidity of   vata and pitta and enhances that of kapha. However if ghee is processed with hot substances like pepper etc. it helps to pacify kapha too. Use of ghee in mental disorders is a boon. In chronic fever role of ghee in pacifying the fever is held like water extinguishing fire in seconds.  Ghee is auspicious and is used in various religious ceremonies and worships.

Uses of Ghee

Ghee is cold in potency and its taste is sweet before and after digestion. Boiled and processed with other drugs ghee becomes useful in various disorders. Old ghee is more beneficial in its properties and is useful in epilepsy, toxicity, fainting, consumption, insanity, poisoning, vaginal pain, earache and headache.

Ghee is said to be kept in iron vessels. Use of hot water is must after the intake of ghee. A person who uses ghee must indulge in doing some physical activity , of course not immediately after its intake.

Ghee of other beings is also useful

Ghee of other creatures is endowed with various properties. For instance, ghee obtained from buffalo’s milk helps in beneficial. Promotes patience, luster of skin, pacifies vata and pitta , improves strength,.   This ghee improves sexual power. It takes time to get digested. This ghee is useful in piles, dysentery, and in eye diseases.

Goat’s ghee is pungent in tastes.  Goat’s ghee enhances appetite, strengthens the body, useful in cough, dyspnoea and in wasting disease.

Camel’s ghee is pungent after its digestion.  It helps when the body is emaciated.  Camel’s ghee is useful in worm infestation and poisons. Useful in skin diseases, camel ghee is indicated in visceral diseases and intestinal growth.

Ghee prepared from sheep milk is light to digest and cures various diseases. Improves bone thickness and eliminates stone in the body. It is beneficial for vision and   diminishes digestive fire.

Ghee prepared from woman milk is useful in diseases of genital organs, eye and is like nectar on the earth.

Mare’s ghee promotes digestive fire and is light to digest. It removes poison in the body and cures eye diseases and burning sensation

Ghee prepared from milk butte is absorbent, cooling cure eye diseases aggravation of pitta and pacifies blood disorders.



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