Know Ayurvedic Facts about Prameha/Diabetes

Ayurvedic texts have described prameha as a disease related to urinary system. Owing to similarity in causative factors and symptoms this diseases is generally correlated with diabetes. Some facts recorded from the Ayurvedic texts are as follows.

Prameha/diabetes‘s origin is attributed to intake of excess of ghee left in the yagay of Daksha .

  1. Carbuncles can take their origin in Diabetes or even without prameha/ diabetes.
  2. Among various diseases that occur due to over eating or over saturation prameha/ diabetes is one of them.
  3. Basti a type of medicated used for purification of the body though considered as best in vatic type of diseases, is contra indicated in vatic type of prameha/diabetes.
  4. Turmeric or haridra has been described as the best drug in prameha/diabetes.
  5. Yava or barley has been described as one of the best food in prameha/diabetes.
  6. Eating less and walking more is the principle behind the treatment of prameha/diabetes
  7. Charak has labeled this disease as the leading in anushangi  roga that is re occurrence of the disease again and again  even after it settles down.
  8. Excess eating of sugarcane product has been considered as a cause of prameha/diabetes.
  9. Ayurvedic texts have described as 20 types of prameha/diabetes.
  10. Use of haritaki is beneficial in prameha/diabetes.
  11.  Uniqueness of treatment in prameha/diabetes lies in the fact that its treatment is different for obese and lean people. Use of purification methods in obese and weight promoting approach in lean persons is indicated in prameha/diabetes.
  12. It is said in  Ayurvedic texts that  who makes regular use of amla i.e. Emblica officinalis and moong dal ,he does not become a victim of  prameha/diabetes.
  13. It is said that a person of prameha/diabetes if start drinking excess of water, it reflects that the diseases of prameha/diabetes is going to be aggravated severely.
  14. Prameha/diabetes patients should take care to take only moderate quantity of ghee or oil. Excessive intake of ghee or oil is contradicted in it.
  15. Inactive, gluttonous, very obese and unctuous persons are taken away by death in the form of prameha/diabetes.
  16. Patients of prameha/diabetes who indulges in various kinds of physical exercises enjoy happiness.
  17. Prameha/diabetes if not treated properly gives rises to various complications.  Complications of prameha/diabetes according to Charak Samhita are thirst, diarrhea, fever, burning sensation, debility, anorexia, improper digestion, putrefaction of muscles producing eruptions like carbuncles and abscess.






















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