Know Ayurvedic Tips in Pregnancy

pregnancy tips


Proper nourishment during pregnancy makes a woman  to deliver a child having good longevity. What is proper nourishment in pregnancy?  What care should be taken in pregnancy? Ayurvedic texts have given guidelines for the same.

Right from the first day of conception, a pregnant woman should remain happy and shed off all ill feelings. She should give due respect to elders at home and worship gods.  During pregnancy,she should consume food which is sweet, pleasant, rich in ghee, fluid in consistency and of course which is digested easily. A pregnant woman should avoid in indulging in bed pleasure. Starving and indulging in exercise should be avoided during pregnancy.  Over eating should be avoided during pregnancy.  A pregnant woman should take her night sleep positively. Travelling should be done minimum during pregnancy. Care should be taken that no bleeding in any form is there during pregnancy. Suppression of natural calls like going for urination etc should not be there in pregnancy. Food which is not cooked properly or food which is dry or stale should not be consumed in pregnancy. Take care not to inhale foul smell or look at obscene scenes. Visiting shmashan ghats i.e. last destination of dead person’s body, burial grounds, thick trees, is prohibited during pregnancy. Going out alone for a long distance is avoided in pregnancy. Talking loudly, being angry should be avoided in pregnancy. Sleeping on high hard bed should be avoided in pregnancy.

Thinking behavior during pregnancy has strong impact on the baby to born. Yes according to Ayurvedic texts, if a woman during her pregnancy wishes to have a glimpse of a king, the baby thus born will become rich and fortunate. A woman desirous of wearing silk clothes during pregnancy gives birth to a soft natured baby fond of decoration. Developing religious feelings during pregnancy makes the birth of a religious minded child. Desire of eating pig flesh during pregnancy makes the born child lethargic but courageous. Similarly desire of eating buffalo’s flesh during pregnancy makes the child red eyed and the body is full of hairs. Desire for eating deer flesh makes the child interested to roam in forests.

When a pregnant woman’s desire is not fulfilled, she delivers a child with abnormalities, says Ayurvedic texts. In such cases there is a possibility of giving birth to a child with curved spine, malformed extremities. She may give birth to dwarf child or a eunuch. The child develops abnormalities in same area where the mother’s wishes are not fulfilled, pertaining to the specified area.

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