Morality is a component of ‘Dharma’ which prescribes certain virtues to be practised by people and to avoid certain vices. Following attitudes of love, kindness, honesty, non violence, truth, helpfulness, contentment, truth etc. is nothing but morality. To be self disciplined, self restrained and having good behaviour signifies morality. Ethics and morality are the basis of a spiritual life. Morality co exists with spirituality. Morality concerns itself with the behaviour and interests of a person. Performing one’s duty with full devotion is morality.Morality forms the steel frame foundation of spiritual life. One of the important characteristics of human beings. Morality is deemed as self governing codes of conduct for humanity. The values of morality are based upon the teachings of ‘Upnishadas’ and certain scriptures. Morality is meant to promote social welfare. Morality is the fruit of integrity, righteousness and discipline. Morality is the adherence to the inherent sense of right which is voiced by the conscience free of vices like selfishness. In the words of Vivekananda, “Morality, an ethical code, derived from the religion and spirituality, has the whole of infinite for man for its scope.” Even for a successful business to be run, morality, integrity and honesty these three foundations are needed. Morality raises a man from the kingdom of animals to the kingdom of Gods. Morality- the elixir of a happy life is a sure and successful way to salvation. It is the feature of the morality that enables a man to distinguish between wrong and right as well as good or evil. Morality – the soul sense, the truth sense, is not restricted by the autocracy of passions. In fact no condition, no state, no place, no circumstance can restrict morality. Morality reduces the pollution of thoughts. It enables a person to think about the universe and not only of self.

Morality was at its zenith when Savitri chased Satyavan, Lord Rama went to exile, Sravana made his parents visit the pilgrim places. India has a great legacy of dharma and morality for ages and it is for us to bring it in our daily life in practice and also inculcate the same in our people too. It was the spirit of high morality that Lord Buddha reined the heart of millions of people. Gandhi ji practised morality in his daily life. It is the morality that is the base of real prosperity. History is replete with the names of a lot of saints who are still remembered today just for the attribute of morality inculcated in them.Man can make heaven on the earth if he adheres to morality in the true sense of the term.


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