Heart Diseases and Astrology

In astrology  Sun and Saturn are known to cause heart diseases.  Saturn and Mars are responsible cardiac arrest. Mars and Jupiter are known to cause high blood pressure. Rahu, Saturn and Mars are held responsible for causing pain in heart. In Varah Mihra Sun has been described as the causative factor  for heart diseases. Later almost all astrological texts followed it.

Combinations that give rise to heart diseases.

When in a horoscope Moon lies in an enemy‘s house, the native suffers from a heart disease. Sun in Aquarius in the horoscope blocks cardiac arteries. Venus in Capricorn makes the native a heart Patient. Lord of sixth house in fourth hosue makes the native a heart patient. Fourth lord in fourth house with a malefic planet gives rise to heart diseases. Rahu in twelfth house gives rise to heart diseases.  Lord of third house with Rahu or Ketu  gives possibility of cardiac arrest. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter in fourth house gives rise to heart diseases according to Hora ratan. Saturn in debiliated sleeping condition in a horoscope gives birth to pain in heart. Sun in scorpion rashi give rise to heart diseases.

Signs responsible for heart diseases.

Cancer or Leo in fourth house, Cancer or Leo  in fifth house,Cancer  or Leo in tenth or eleventh house are responsible for causing heart diseases.

When heart diseases occur?

It has been observed that in most of the situations when the period of the concerned planet starts the diseases of heart start making the native its victim. Death may occur if the native vimsohtri dasha has any relation with planets of sixth and twelfth house. Chances of heart diseases increase during the period of Saturn and Rahu.

Prevent heart diseases through knowledge of astrology.

Heart diseases can be prevented by using the related stone or bath with the concerned drug or worshipping the concerned planet through mantras etc. Chanting   properly Vedic mantras, beej mantras, beej and tantric mantra helps in checking heart diseases.

Human heart is soft and lotus like structure. It beats continuously  and  supplies nutrients  in form of blood. It is co  related as the engine of the body. Rigveda the ancient literature of the world contains references where Sun is worshipped and prayed for the cure of heart diseases.  Reference of Heart diseases is available in Bhagwat Purana. Though there are about forty combinations which reflect the chances of occurrences of heart diseases , important ones are mentioned above.


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