Facts about Shani/Saturn in Astrology


Shani or Saturn is a planet whose role is generally considered as having negative impact. Shani is said to be the brother of Yama, Yamuna, Tapti and Bhadra. In astrology Shani or Saturn has been considered as a planet of justice.  It is said that when Shani dev /Saturn worshipped lord Shiva, He was declared as a planet of justice.  Yes, Shani did not spare even his father Surya dev (Sun) when he tortured his wife chaya. Shani/Saturn born on amvsya (no moon night) of krishan paksha of Jyeshtha month. Yes Shani punished his father thus confirming his duty as a justice.

Who became victims of Shani/Saturn?

Shani has its unique way of punishing the culprit. All of first it attacks on the intellect of a person and makes him to commit some foolish act. Pandavas faced exile just due to wrong done by Draupdi. King Harish Chander had to serve at a lower post in cremation ground. Ravana who was learned person in Vedas and Puranas was so much apprehended by Shani/ Saturn that he made Shani hanged in reverse direction in a small room at Lanka. The legend says that when Hanuman ji reached there in search of Sita ji , he made Shani/Saturn relieved of Ravana’s clutches.  In return Shani assured not to give trouble to those who worship Hanuman.

Shani’s impact and various signs

Trouble and pain received during Shani period are due to one’s deeds. It is said that as gold becomes pure after facing heat of fire, it is the same with Shani or Saturn. A person becomes wiser after bearing Shani or Saturn phase. Since Shani or Saturn is a planet of justice, black colour is indicative of it. All evil deeds like theft, alcoholism, gambling, abusing, corruption, etc are punishable by Shani or Saturn. Shani/Saturn is exaltrd in sign of libra while debiliated in Aries while Capricorn and Aquarious are its own signs. It remains for about two and half years on one sign. When it remains in three unfavorable signs continuously, the stage of sade sati (seven and half years) exists.

Worship of Shani

Shani/Saturn‘s can be worshipped at any place .Shani/Saturn’s temple is in Nasik district of Maharashtra, India. Quite near to place at Shirdi, Shani/Saturn temple has a shapeless idol. No person can think of indulging in misconduct like theft at that place. Houses at that place have no doors, not to think of locks there.  In fact Saturn’s impact is well known and its worship in a proper way helps to reduce its evil effect.

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