Narial or Coconut- Uses and Benefits

Narial or coconut known as cocos nucifera is a pious fruit.Narial is used in worship and other types of religious and devotional acts. It is used in temples. According to a Chinese proverb a coconut contains as many qualities as the number of  days are contained  in a year.  Narial is a straight tree like that of a date tree.

Benefits of coconut fruitn 1naarial

Coconut pulp is cold, nourishing, pacifies vata, pitta and blood disorders. It digests slow and clears obstruction in urinary tract.

Coconut’s dry pulp is sweet, nourishing unctuous, and promotes semen and checks constipation. Ripened fruit of coconut is more unctuous and carbohydrates. Coconut pulp of unripened fruit is useful in diabetes, piles, and gastric problems. Coconut is useful in checking wrinkles on the face.  Coconut promotes semen, and removes pain during menstrual period.  Taking powder of coconut pulp with sugar candy helps in worm infestation.

If a person is suffering from epistaxis, having coconut pulp early morning is useful in it. Taking coconut pulp with almond helps to improve memory. Coconut pulp mixed with turmeric paste when wrapped over a sprain.

Uses of coconut water

Coconut having water only is called as dhab. Water remains inside the coconut for a long time.  With the passage of time this water turns in to pulp. Coconut water is like nectar. It provides energy and strength to body. It is cold, purifies blood, pacifies pitta, and relieves fainting. Coconut water is useful in fever. Fresh water of coconut is considered worthy as of mother’s milk.Coconut water is useful in dehydration. Coconut water is a boon for insomnia patient. Coconut water is useful in hiccup. Coconut water gives relief in burning micturation when used with coriander. Use of Coconut water flushes urinary stone.

 Uses of Coconut oil

Besides being used coconut oil as edible oil, it is used in preparation of cosmetic substances too. Coconut oil is easily digestible and is used for frying the food.

It pacifies vata, pitta and checks disorders of teeth. Coconut oil used with lemon juice helps to relieve itching. It helps in falling of hairs. It checks premature greyning of hairs. Almond crushed in coconut oil when applied on head helps to check headache. Coconut oil is also useful for hairs.

Coconut milk is believed to be useful in swelling of edema of testicles.  Flowers of Nariel or coconut are  cold,  causes constipation  and are useful in diabetes, epistaxis.



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