Shatavari- Benefits and its Uses

Known as Asparagus racemosa,  shatavari plant found throughout India  is a branched spine shrub with tuberous roots. Leaves of shatavari are minute and scaling.  Shatavari Possess white minute flowers. Fruits of Shatavari are berry and globosely and 4-6 mm in diameter.

      Benefits of Shatavari

Shatavari  Is heavy in digestion, cold in potency, bitter and sweet in taste. Shatavari   vitalizes tissue and acts as a brain tonic. It enhances appetite and acts as a general tonic. Shatavari  is demulcent i.e. it has softening and soothing effect on skin. Shatavari is good for vision and is useful in intestinal growth and diarrhea. Shatavari promotes semen and breast milk. It improves muscles tone and cures aggravated vata, pitta. Shatavari pacifies disorders caused by vitiated blood. Use of shatavari is beneficial in edema also.

One of its type Asparagus sarmentosus also known as maha shatavri  grows wild in south India yields larges tubers in high quantity. Maha shatavari acts as brain tonic improves sexual efficacy. Maha shatavari is a tissue vitalizer and is cold in potency. Maha shatavari cures hemorrhoids and wasting of body .

            Different uses  of shatavri

  1. Sahtavari powder given with milk gives good result in increasing weight of emaciated children.
  2. When there is difficulty in menstruation juice of shatavri with sugar candy syrup.
  3. Shatavari powder given with sugar candy juice helps to improve lactation in newly becomes mothers.
  4. When there is a delayed puberty it is shatavari powder that helps in it.
  5. When there is inflammation of urethra during the phase of menopause, it is shatavari that helps in it.
  6. Shatavari is an integral part four formulations mentioned for enhancing longevity in Charak samhita.
  7. Shatavari is an integral part seven formulations mentioned as aphrodisiac formulations in Charak samhita .
  8. Shatavari ‘s juice is beneficial is useful in various female disorders.
  9. Shatavari with other drugs is useful in various types of fever.
  10. Shatavari ghrit , a preparation of shatavari is useful in epistaxis.
  11. Shatavari with milk, oil, garlic, honey is indicated mental disorders.
  12. Shatavari’s preparations are useful in gout.
  13. Shatavri according to Sushruta samhita is  Vata  Pitta pacifier and helps to promote semen and is promotes frequency and quantity of urine.


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