Medicinal Properties of Urine

It may sound strange but urine’s medicinal properties were discovered by our ancient sages. Charak samhita has described the role of urine in anointing, pasting, enema, purgatives, fomentation and abdominal distension. Urine is used in poisoning also. Urine endowed with properties of being sharp, pungent, saline and non unctuous is useful in diseases like piles, skin disorders, white patches on skin, abdominal diseases. Urine promotes appetites and digestion. Urine acts as anti poison and kills worms in the body. Urine gives appreciable results in anemia.  Ayurvedic texts have described properties of eight types of urine.  Urine is used in the form of internal application by drinking and through its external application by mixing it with some powdered drugs.

Cow’s urine

Cow’s urine has been given utmost importance not only in religious texts of Hindus but in ancient texts of Ayurveda too. Cow’s urine is slightly sweet in taste, destroys worms, skin disorders, cures itching, and various types of abdominal diseases.

Buffalo’s urine

Buffalo’s urine is slightly alkaline in nature, clears bowels motion. It is useful in piles, edema and abdominal diseases.

Camel’s urine

Camel’s urine is slightly bitter. When there is breathlessness use of its camel’s urine gives useful effects.

Horse’s urine

Horse’s urine is bitter pungent, and destroys skin diseases, wounds and neutralizes the effect of poisons.

Ass’s urine

Ass is regerdes as one of the inferior animal.  Interestingly urine of ass is used in epilepsy, insanity and seizures.

Elephant’s urine

Elephant’s urine is salty in taste, and gives relief in worm infestation and skin diseases. Its use gives better results in retention of urine and feaces. It neutralizes effects of poison and checks disorders of kafa. Its use is good in piles also.

Sheep’s  urine

Sheep’s urine is slightly bitter, unctuous and non antagonist of pitta. Goat urine is astringent, sweet and beneficial for channels and it alleviates all doshas.

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