Know Why and How to Worship Sun

DSC00191Sun is a planet of such importance that mere thinking of its  absence makes the world appear to be a blackout. Its position in horoscope signifies the status and dignity of a person. An exalted sun enhances his status. Leo is its own sign while in Aries its position is exalted and in Libra it is debilitated.

Worship of Sun is useful

Worships of Sun means worships of God. According to Vedas, Sun is born out of God’s eye.  A sound health is based on the worship of Sun. So it is imperative to worship the Sun. Lord Rama gained victory over Ravana after going through Aditya haridya with full devotion. Yudishthara got Akshyapatra after worship of 108 names of Sun. Sun temple at Konark was built by the king after he was cured of skin disease by worshipping the Sun. Ravana who was extremely powerful and strong was killed just due to vitiation of Sun in 7th house.

To get blessings of Sun, follow it.

Ramscharitmanas says that eye diseases get cured by worshipping the Sun. By worshipping Sun one gets intellect, strength, longevity and vidya. To get blessings from Sun one should get up early in the morning before Sun rise. ardhya should be given to Sun after taking a bath. Sun should be given ardhya even in the evening too.  Text Aditya haridya is a book related to Sun and it should be read daily. By reading netroupnishad daily regards should be given to the Sun. Sunday is SUN DAY and use of oil, salt and ginger should be avoided on that day. Meal should be taken only once in on Sunday. The ghee that is left after the yagya should be taken as food on Sunday. Regimen of celibacy should be followed on Sunday. The fast for Sun should be kept on for one year or for thirty Sundays or minimum for 12 Sundays. Red clothe should be worn on Sundays. There after ardhya should be given

Make Sun friendly and favourable

It is said that when planets like Sun etc. are not friendly medicine acting on them become worthless. So it is necessary to make them friendly and favorable by worshipping them, fasting, by charity, paying alms etc., before taking medicines. When Sun is not favorable and nothing is done to please them, its ill effects certainly make a difference. To make Sun friendly, copper, Gold, Jaggery, red lotus, betel leaves, cow and masur dal should be given in alms and clothes of red and yellow color should be donated and given in charity.

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