Indigestion Causes, Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment

Drinking of plenty of water, irregular diet, suppressing natural urges of going to pass urine, stool disturbed and irregular sleep are some of the causes which leads to indigestion. Persons who develop jealousy, fear, phobia, greed, anger also find difficulty in digesting their food. Even light and wholesome food taken does not get digested.

 Symptoms of Indigestion

Fainting, speaking irrelevantly, vomiting, nausea, weakness and giddiness are the symptoms which appear in indigestion.

 Indigestion, Ayurvedic Treatment / Home Remedies in indigestion

  1. Hot water mixed with salt should be given immediately to induce vomiting.
  2. Fasting or use of food should be made minimum during indigestion.
  3. Make minimum use of liquid diet while indigestion.
  4. Avoid use of heavy diet.
  5. Don’t indulge in taking substances of one taste like continuous use of sweet things.
  6. When heavy diet is taken, ensure to take hot water in double quantity after it.
  7. Use of excessive dry and rough food enhances the stage of indigestion.
  8. Fasting, inducing vomiting, sudation and say sleeping are the steps towards treatment.
  9. In case of any possibility of indigestion use of shunthi powder with Haritaki powder is beneficial.
  10. In case of burning sensation in throat and chest region use of munakka with Haritaki churna gives relief.
  11. Use of Haritaki churna with honey helps in indigestion.
  12. Indigestion of honey is troublesome as hot water is indicated in indigestion and use of honey with hot water is strongly contradicted.
  13.  Eating of tender radish is useful in indigestion.
  14. Use of warm water for drinking is helpful in indigestion.
  15. Use of garlic and ginger in food helps in indigestion.
  16. Sprinkling of black pepper powder on eatables helps in checking indigestion..
  17. Use of curd appropriately helps to cure indigestion.
  18. Use of hing in food preparations helps in indigestion.
  19. Taking of pungent and bitter eatables helps in indigestion.
  20. Don’t use ghee and oil preparations haphazardly in indigestion.
  21. Avoid taking of rough substances in indigestion
  22. Use of ajwain ,methi and dhania gives beneficial results in it.
  23. Make use of brinjal as vegetable in indigestion.
  24. Apply methods of sudation in indigestion
  25. Parval and karela give good results in indigestion.
  26. Take petha as sweets or in other form of preparation.
  27. Do not suppress of natural urges of urination and defecation in indigestion.



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