How Diabetes is Diagnosed in Ayurveda

Diabetes known as increase of sugar level in blood is one of the type among twenty types of prameha as mentioned in Ayurvedic Texts. Described as madhumeha in Ayurvedic texts, diabetes was diagnosed in early times without any laboratory investigations. In fact this disease is described for the first time in Sushruta Samhita a text book mainly compiled on topics of surgery. When ants get attracted to the urine of a person it signifies that the person is suffering from Diabetes.

Symptoms that indicate the occurrence of Diabetes

Ayurvedic texts have minutely identified those symptoms which when appear signify the development of Diabetes in that person.  For instance apearnace of symptoms like matting of hairs, sweetness in mouth, numbness and burning sensation in hands and feet, dryness in mouth, palate and throat, feeling excess thirst, lassitude, dirt in the body, burning sensation and numbness in body parts, crawling of bees and ants on body and urine, morbidity in urine, fleshy smell in body, frequent sleep and drowsiness indicate that the person is going to suffer from Diabetes. Sushruta samhita has described some symptoms like appearing of foul smell on the body, dirt on tongue and teeth, fast growth of nails as prodormal   symptoms of Diabetes.

Confirmation of Diabetes in Ayurvedic texts

What type of diabetes it may be, all types of diabetes have common in them symptom of vitiated urine and the quantity of urine is in plenty.

Symptoms that appear if Diabetes is not taken care of

Complications develop if Diabetes is not treated. These appear in the form of coming of bees on the body of diabetic patients, laziness, obesity, cold, anorexia, vomiting, tearing off testicles, fever, diarrhea, feeling of smoke in eructation’s, jaundice, sleeplessness, burning sensation, anemia, tendency to eat every type of taste, tremors . These complications usually appear   when the diabetes remains unattended or the patient does not take care of it. Diabetic carbuncles too appear generally at the later stage of Diabetes.

When the diseases become incurable?

When all the complications develop and diabetic carbuncles are there the diabetes becomes incurable.

Remember as mentioned in Sushruta samhita, A diabetic patient prefers standing to walking, prefers sitting to standing, prefers to lie than to sit and prefer to sleep than to lie on the bed.


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