Aphrodisiac Food and Regimen

Knowledge of Ayurveda is categorized into eight branches. Among eight branches, the section of Aphrodisiac is of utmost importance as it is related to the continuation of progeny besides providing sensual pleasure. Ayurevda has dealt at large to describe about the food medicine and regimen that enhances sexual power of a man. In fact many of the substances used in the form of food have aphrodisiac effect. Urd dal, rice, milk and ghee are among best of aphrodisiac. For people those who don’t mind in taking non vegetarian food use of eggs and flesh of birds give good results. Ayurvedic texts hold woman as the best aphrodisiac as she is capable of giving pleasing effect through all the five sense organs. Spring season is the best season in generating aphrodisiac effect while winter is the best season in availing aphrodisiac effects. Aphrodisiac food‘s use is recommended daily.

Food and regimen to enhance sexual efficacy

  1. Use of wheat has aphrodisiac effect.
  2. Urd dal though considered as inferior dal ,it has potent aphrodisiac effect.
  3. Munaka prepared by drying grapes fruits is used as Aphrodisiac.
  4. Dry pipali and shunthi increase the semen.
  5. Cocnut water has aphrodisiac effect.
  6. sugarcane juice is Aphrodisiac in nature.
  7. Mishri’s regular use of gives aphrodisiac effect.
  8.  Use of garlic leaves increases sexual efficiacy thus confirming its aphrodisiac effect..
  9. Fruit of banana has aphrodisiac effect.
  10. Make use of Liquorice, Glycrrhiza glabra for enhancing Aphrodisiac properties.
  11.  Routine use of ghee and milk as a part of diet gives aphrodisiac effect.
  12. Use aphrodisiac food with honey.
  13. Having appropriate sleep gives Aphrodisiac effect.
  14.  Keep stress, strain at a bay. And one enjoys aphrodisiac effects.
  15. Enjoying beauty of garden, waterfalls etc. in moonlight gives aphrodisiac effect.
  16. Avoid use of alkali and its products. They neutralize all Aphrodisiac effects.
  17.  Sour products too neutralize aphrodisiac properties.
  18.  Avoid following trend of keeping fast.
  19. Refrain from physical work beyond your strength. They decrease sexual efficacy.
  20. Avoid coital exercise before the age of sixteen and after seventy.


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