PicsArt_1397652717685  Selfless service leads to Happiness

Selfishness is the root of all evils. The secret of happiness lies in transmuting the selfishness into selfless service. Happiness lies in loving to uphold the rights of others. Selfless service is one of the most powerful tools in purification of mind. In the present environment of materialistic life where personal desires are preferred over spiritual desires.

Positive mental health leads to Happiness

Promotion of positive mental health is essential for acquiring a state of supreme happiness. Meditation, service, sacrifice and renunciation are the secret of happiness while egoism, vanity and unrighteousness keep one away from happiness. Humility is the seed of happiness and jealousy breeds meanness. A man whose contemplation is on happiness becomes happy. Seeking no rewards for the service and no recognition from the world is the root of happiness.  The greatest happiness lays in promotion the happiness of others.

Happiness lies in Virtue

In eighteen volumes puranas of maharishi Vyasa has depicted two basic concepts i.e. doing good unto others is all virtue and doing ill unto others is all sin. Virtue is the cause of all happiness.  Least our desires more happy we are. Accomplishment of task successfully leads to happiness.

Happiness lies in pursuing noble thoughts.

Happiness lies not in receiving but giving something. Happiness lies in thoughts and not in things. It is not money, wealth and physical comforts are not the happiness but an ideal life with morality is a happy life. Happiness lies in adhering to noble pursuits. Averting face from luxuries helps to secure real happiness. Happiness is not granted just by desiring happiness. We should remember that happiness derived from sense objects, is neither ours nor for us. Making work worship is the way to happiness. There are certain rules which if followed keeps the person happy. Don’t dwell too much on the short comings of others.

Happiness lies not in reforming others

Remember you can’t change a person’s habits.  Happiness lies not in reforming others but reforming ourselves. Happiness lies not changing others but changing our attitude. Happiness lies in seeing the glass as half filled with and not as half empty. Happiness is found in doing good deeds honestly and not in conspiracies. Happiness can’t be bought with money but it has to be generated with one’s deeds. Happiness in life comes not from the absence of conflicts but from the ability to manage the same.

Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is state of mind and to achieve this state one should nourish one’s mind with positive and constructive thoughts which in turn is obtained from satvic type of regimen and diet.  We should remember that happiness is not a destination but a bye product of a journey that is well managed and well planned.  We should remember that happiness is a tool which keeps us fit mentally and physically and it is imperative for us to achieve it.

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