Negative Thoughts – Harmful Effects & How to Get Rid of It.

It is true that getting a human life is a blessing in itself. Prudence lies in making maximum utilisation of life to achieve the desired and relevant goal. However we need a strong passion to achieve it.  For this it is necessary to get rid of negative thoughts and develop positive thinking.

 Negative thoughts evaporate the elixir of immense joy

Negative thoughts evaporate the elixir of immense joy hidden within a person. Anxiety, fear, despair, preplexity, confusion, fury, cowardice, depression are the traits that aggravate the negative thoughts. Similarly ego, audacity, jeolousy, vanity, insincerity etc. are nothing but the sour and unwelcome fruits of neagtive thoughts. Chisel refinement of the chitta helps in abolishing the negative thoughts.

     Negative Thoughts are Harmful for Mind

Negative thoughts act as a speed braker to an already running smooth life. Negative thoughts are the hurdles to the growth of a positive personality. Brain can’t think on rational ground when it is vitiated with the dust of negative thoughts.When a person is under the influence of negative thoughts his aura too begins to reflect negativity and hence persons talking with him also suffer its impact. Negative thoughts are not only injurious to the person who suffers from it but harmful for the persons who associate him. The spirit of adventrue diminshes and a state of lack of courage start developig with negative thughts. Negative thoughts bring repeated failures. Action when associated with enthusaim in objectives produces a miraculous field of attraction. Health and happines are the pillars of happiness. Negative thoughts deteriorate these attributes.  Having expectations according to one’s capacity and not indulging in day dreaming helps to ward off negative thoughts. History testifies the fall of many ancient civilsations without any extraneous zeal. Besides other factors negative thoughts have been a major cause for the extintion of the civilazations. Any civilizations when start developing the feeling of being inferior, finds itself incompetent and   feels it is better to escape than to face, it is certain that it will not be able to face the same.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts by Modifying Attitude.

Negative thoughts too can be eliminated by modifying attitudes and expectations.  Filling the mind with noble thoughts always gives fruitful results. Having faith in oneself is ways to success. When we can’t change the circumstances it is better to change our attitude. Developing an attitude towards family, friends and fortune like an honest tenant and not like a proud owner gives a lot of content. Search happiness in thoughts and not in things. Prayers though don’t change the circumstances they only give relief by developing positivity and hence keeping negative thoughts away.


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