Migraine – Causes, symptoms and Ayurvedic treatment

patient suffering from migraine
patient suffering from migraine

In today’s scenario of fast and mechanical lifestyle, the normal routine of people has undergone a remarkable change. Timings of meals are not fixed. There is a deviation in routine activities and food habits become distorted. A large gap between achievements and expectations creates new health problems. Among various types of disorders that occur, Migraine not only give severe pain in head but hampers the routine activity of a person.

Migraine and Ayurveda

Migraine finds its mention in Ayurveda by the name of Ardhavebhedaka. Symptoms of diseases Suryavarta are also similar to that described that of Migraine. Migraine is a type of headache which involves a pain in half of the head. Patient feels uncomfortable and feeling of vomiting is there . Patient of migraine gets irritated from noise and light. Though in books involvement of half region of head is mentioned  but practically a major portion of head is involved in it. The disease may develop at any age but most of the patients are from middle age group.

Migraine and causes

Not having sound sleep, glittering light, use of addictive drugs, caffeine, specific smell are some of the cause which make a person to suffer from migraine . Taking nothing to eat, sunlight and watching TV are the factors which aggravate the disease of migraine. Excessive use of rough and dry food, cold food, eating during indigestion excessive exercise, excessive walking suppressing the urge of urination and feaces, also  cause migraine.

 Migraine and Lab investigation

There are various diseases which are confirmed through lab investigation of blood and urine.  But migraine is a disease for which no routine examination is there to confirm its diagnose.Its diagnose is confirmed through its symptoms. According to Ayurvedic texts, if treatment is ignored loss of strength of eyes and ears is there.

Migraine and Ayurvedic treatment

  1. It should be remembered that for checking migraine it is imperative that patient should not have constipation.
  2. Triphla etc should be taken at bedtime. It should be kept in mind no laxative should be taken with cold water. Whenever such types of medicines are taken use of khichri with ghee is advisable.
  3. Jalebi, the  national sweet (Mithai) of India when taken with milk in the morning is beneficial in Migraine.
  4. Fruits of mango, coconut, grapes and pomegranate are useful in migraine.
  5. Bath in river and enjoying natural fragrance is good in migraine.
  6. Use of harad, amla and ghrit kumari i.e Aloe vera gives good result in migraine.
  7. Use of vegetables like brinjal, parval karela helps in checking migraine.
  8. Sweet things with milk helps to check migraine
  9. Use of ghee after meal helps a lot in migraine.
  10. Decoction of neem, harad, baheda and  turmeric gives good result in migraine.
  11. Two drops of cow milk and ghee in each nostril gives good relief in migraine.
  12. Old ghee, sathi rice and dal soup is beneficial in  migraine.
  13. Local application of cinnamom powder (Dalchini) is helpful in checking migraine.



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