Naturopathy has been used in India since time immemorial. Words like ushapan, dugadh kalpa, bath in holy rivers were some of the modalities used by Indians in ancient days. Not only in India, even in China and Egypt sunlight, massage, water, exercise, fasting were in vogue in ancient time.

             Naturopathy- a drugless system

Naturopathy, system of man in building in harmony with construtive principles of nature of physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of living has great promotive, diseases preventive and curative as well as restorative potential.  Most of the people take naturopathy as a last resort so it is not always there that miracles happen. Naturopathy- a drugless system is effective in life style disorders born diseases. In emergency treament naturopathy has least to offer. Though this science has been based on a well founded philosphy yet it could not make a mark as its potential deserves.

 Naturopathy -How it works

Naturopathy system is based on the five fundamental laws which govern health. Naturopathy believes that disease occur due to the accummulation of vitiated, poisnous, and foreign particles in the body. Food rich in acidic contents too add to the occurrence of diseases.  If acidic content exceed 25 % of the value vitiaon of blood is sure to take place, says rulles of naturopathy. In other words 75% of ingredients basic in nature are good for health. The food which is not digested if remains inside the body causes various diseases. Naturopathy takes care of the body by eliminating these waste products and prevents vitiationof the body.

Naturopathy – modalities of treatment

Naturopathy believes that human body itself has in it inbuilt capacity to keep the body fit. Following this ideology treament methods are devised so. Fasting, water, sun and air are used as modalities of treatment in naturopathy.  Fasting is done in several ways.  Avoiding eating any thing and drinking water comes under the category of fasting. Use of fruits, butter milk, milk, and water for fixed span of a day are given as part of treatment in naturopathy. Green vegetables, fibrous diet, lemon water, honey too are used for keeping a person healthy. Sun bath too helps in checking various diseases. Role of sun rays in the treatment of various diseases have been described in Vedic literature too.

Naturopathy recognition in Govt. & Private sector

Government of India has recognised the significance naturopathy. The Central Council of Research in Yoga and Naturopathy – New Delhi, national Institue of Naturopathy Pune and Morarji Desai National Institue of Yoga New Delhi are the centers established by government of India to confirm its commitment to promote and uplift the system of Naturopathy under the department of AYUSH. In private sector too some institutions are doing a good job in the field of Naturopathy and Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur is one of them and has been rendering Yeoman Service in making people healthy through this system.

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