Tension Causes and Remedial Measures

Tension is caused by unorganized way of living, irrelevant hurry and busy without work. Expecting others to do work with remote in our hands causes tension. Finding faults in others without introspecting of ourselves causes tension. Not accepting that ups and downs in life are routine affairs, is a cause of tension. Developing utopian expectations causes tension. Flooding of old painful memories in our mind causes tension. Carrying out social services without spiritual thinking makes the mind mesmerized by one’s apparent success or virtues.

Tension increases with increased desire of self importance.

Tension becomes a routine affair for those who cry for fame, self importance, ego.  Enhanced thirst for getting praise becomes a cause of tension. The feeling of false prides makes him feel superior to others and hence creates enemies. This phenomenon results in tension. Loneliness, the undeniable truth of life is another source of tension. Forcing others to follow our ideology towards life, back biting others, insulting others, making others feel inferior may make us to appear superior to others but it creates a lot of tension. The feeling to suppress others can’t nourish without having tension. Strongly we wish to supersede others greater resistance we have to develop. We become a victim of tension.

Tension is the enemy of health- Keep it away

One of the golden rule to keep tension away is to follow the saying “it is important to forgive but it is more important to forget the unwelcome behavior encountered by a person. “  Tension can be kept at bay by brushing away worldly desires.  We can get rid of tension by making our life meaning full with rational thinking. Maintaining patience and faith develops fitness that enables a person to bear the tension in a healthy way without harming one self. Keeping mind occupied with constructive work, developing seriousness towards life is a tool to keep the tension away.  Following own created path to tread in, develops confidence of a level that makes the force of tension negligible.


Love is a great power that opens the door of progress in all direction and hence keeps the tension away.
To be under the spell of happiness or unhappiness may cause tension but developing mastery over it helps to win the cause of tension. Remember spiritual thinking is the way to develop humility and self improvement. Without spiritual development it is not possible to get rid of tension.   A spiritual downfall is there when a person starts thinking himself as the most pious, virtuous and incomparable person himself. By relying on one self one discovers one’s innate strength. This strength helps to check and nourish tension within us. Persons with ordinary caliber have made a way to healthy, prosperous, and meaningful and tension free life just by developing a positive and spiritual attitude towards life.

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