Forgiveness helps to keep you Healthy

If we keep burning coals in a bucket for making burns to others, surely the container too will have to suffer the agony of heat. If we have to keep the bucket in a cool and comfortable position we have to drop the idea of burning others. Yes this is the ideology behind the theory of forgiveness. Hating people is like getting rid of a rat by burning one’s own house.

Forgiveness is good for health

Developing and inculcating the quality of forgiveness helps to reduce depression, stress, lessens anxiety, checks high blood pressure, increases physical activity, relieves back pain, improves relationship, alleviates chronic pain and of course boost a person morally up.

Forgive and keep the body healthy

Forgiveness is the noblest form of revenge. A person who does not forgive others keeps his own injury evergreen. A person who does not have the quality of forgiveness harms himself more than others. When we don’t forgive the feeling of revenge remains continue in our heart and glows the flame of anger. It is universal fact to tease others one has to pass-through a troubled situation. Though we aim at to create problem for other person we hurt ourselves more than the person targeted at. Holding a grudge against a person even for a short time is a serious longtime health hazard. Focusing on taking revenge from others keeps one’s own mental peace at a stake.

Forgiveness is the attribute of strong persons.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that forgiveness is an attribute of strong persons, weak cannot forgive others. It is crystal clear that forgiving means developing strength. Forgiveness means to let the grudges and bitterness go on.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act but is constant attitude

Yes, Forgiveness is not an occasional act but is constant attitude Forgiveness acts a as a solace to mental injuries. It should be remembered that forgiveness does not negate the unfairness. It does not mean to deny reality. It conveys that in spite of injustice and unfair behavior one is having compassion. While forgiving it is necessary to get rid of the feeling of being a victim and developing the feeling of a hero.

 Forgiveness is a virtue in which morality expresses itself.

The feature of forgiveness can be developed by gradual progress. This can be made habit by starting forgiving smaller injustices faced at different steps of life.  It gives spiritual strength to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean that the wrong acts of others are given a green signal. It reflects that one is intelligent enough to understand that the wrong doer is misguided and not well matured. Forgiveness is a virtue in which morality expresses itself.  It leads to spiritual elevation. A person who develops the trait of forgiveness becomes free from pride and is never ostentatious. He becomes non violent and patient.

Forgiveness gives the feeling of being in the ocean of nectar.

Forgiveness gives the feeling of being in the ocean of nectar. One feels light hearted.  Heart gets free from the unwanted weight of sin, revenge, hate etc.  Forgiveness is one of the best treatments that a person can give to oneself. Forgiveness is a therapy that is essential to keep oneself healthy. In fact one should not develop any grudges or nourish the thoughts of ill feelings towards other.

Forgive others and enjoy the life!

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