Milk As Food and Medicine- Uses & Facts About Milk In Ayurveda


Milk As Food:Milk is the first food substance which nourishes a child since from his birth. Even nature starts preparing milk in his mother before a child takes birth. Lord Krishna’s passion for milk and milk products is well known. Our ancient rishis and sages lived a long life taking milk and fruit as their main food. Cow is the source of milk and the Ganga and the Gyatri are supposed to reside in cow. Cow as an essential possession in the ashrams of rishis and munis in ancient times confirms the importance of milk as satvic food. Drinking water after getting up in the morning, butter milk at lunch and milk at night while going to sleep is good for health.

Milk as food- Uses Of Milk

Ayurveda texts hold that Milk promotes intellect, memory and mind, Milk is soothing, useful in fatigue, checks thirst, refreshing, body promoting, increase sperms, promoting. Milk has been recommended as a daily food in Ayurvedic texts which enhances longevity. Milk is said to be the nectar . Milk is helpful in various diseases.

Ayurvedic texts hold that milk is useful in anemia, tuberculosis, abdominal diseases, burning sensation, and edema. Milk purifies semen, improves digestion, Milk gives good result in chronic fever but its use is contradicted in nascent fever. Milk is useful in constipation, female disorders, and of course in difficulty in urination. According to Charak Samhita properties of milk are in total contrast to that of alcohol. So milk is an ideal food that helps to undo the harm done by the alcohol.

Ayurveda and Milk.- Useful Information About Milk

1. Cow milk has ten properties which are conducive to the promotion of ojas i.e. the essence of the body.

2. Camel milk is useful in edema, ascites and piles etc.

3. Goat milk is bowel binding, useful in diarrhea, epitaxis and tuberculosis.

4. Human milk is invigorating, nourishing, wholesome and oleating.

5. The milk of animals having one hoof is all strength promoting, stabilizing non unctuous.

6. Use of sour products is harmful with milk.

7. Drink water early in the morning and milk at night.

8. Buffalo milk is best in inducing sleep.

9. Dharoshan milk ie (fresh milk ) is useful like nectar.

10. Stale milk is harmful.

11. Milk from which ghee is extracted should be avoided.

12. Don’t take milk with jackfruit (kathal).

13. Milk extracted from animals in the evening is lighter than that in morning.

14. Don’t take milk after eating radish.

15. Avoid taking salt with milk.

16. Don’t take milk with urd, kulath, pea etc.

17. Sweet butter milk enhances kapha.

18. Butter milk is useful in oedema, piles, sprue , anurea, ascities anorexia etc.

19. Butter milk is useful in tackling the complications of excessive ghee and oil .

20. Colostrum( first milk after delivery) is refreshing and aphrodisiac.

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