What is Asthma- Causes, Symptoms and Ayurveda Treatment

What is Asthma- Causes, Symptoms and  Ayurveda Treatment
What is Asthma- Causes, Symptoms and Ayurveda Treatment

Asthma is called dama in common language and is one of the irritating diseases. A patient of Asthma feels uncomfortable in breathing. Difficulty in breathing may be due to allergic reactions or use of causative factors as described later in it.  There is a spasm in wind pipe and tightness in chest .There is very much chance of transferring of Asthma from parents to their offspring.

Asthma in context of Ayurveda

Asthma finds its mention in Ayurvedic texts by the name of shwasa roga. Ancient texts of Charak Samhita holds Asthma as a disease which is difficult to cure. Asthma has been categorized into five types. Symptoms of tamak shwas’s are almost the same as of  bronchial Asthma. So tamak shwasa is generally taken as Asthma.

How Asthma occurs- causes of Asthma

Dust, cold water, Cold place, excessive physical exercise, walking, rough food, irregular meals, too much fasting, general debility, cold and heat  excessive use of purification procedures like vaman and virechna, prolonged stage of diseases like diarrhea. Cold, epitasis, anemia, poisoning, injury in chest region, excess intake of heavy diet, curd, food that irritates  sesame oil, sem  rice flour,  etc. are some of the factors that cause this disease of Asthma.

How to know that a person is suffering from Asthma- symptoms of Asthma

A person suffering from Asthma feels difficulty in breathing. Cough increase, increase of coughing may cause loss of consciousness. The patient finds difficulty in sleeping. Patient of Asthma feels pain in chest region while he feels comfortable while sitting. His eyes bulge out and there is sweating at his forehead. There is dryness of his mouth and intensity of Asthma increases on a rainy day and cold season. Asthma patient finds relief by touch of hot things.

Asthma treatment –Ayurveda Treatment for Asthma

Texts of ayurveda have given some directions for patients suffering from Asthma, which if followed can help to control Asthma.

  1. Avoid being in cold area. Use of cooler or A.C is not good for patients of Asthma.
  2. Use of liquid diet is harmful in Asthma.
  3. Taking water after meal is contradicted in Asthma.
  4. Desi ghee after meal gives relief to the patients of Asthma.
  5. Taking of old shali rice is useful in Asthma.
  6. Taking vitiated water enhances Asthma.
  7. Taking fish as food is harmful in Asthma.
  8. Use of sooran/jimkand. is not good for patients of Asthma.
  9. Taking dal of kulath , wheat and, barley.etc.is good in Asthma.
  10. Use of honey gives good result in Asthma.
  11. Taking rough, cold and heavy diet aggravates Asthma.
  12. Dust is the enemy for the patients of Asthma.
  13. Walking with heavy luggage is not good for the Asthma patients.
  14. Keeping a sufficient gap between meals and sleep is necessary for Asthma patients.
  15. Suppress the urge of urination, defecation, thirst and cough increases the intensity of Asthma.
  16.  Asthma patients should avoid walking too much.
  17.  Asthma patients should do fomentation on chest when the disease troubles them.
  18. Sleeping   at day time helps the patients of Asthma.
  19. Use of cold water is harmful in Asthma.
  20.  Taking bath with cold water in Asthma enhances its intensity.






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